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Arkus Eon by HaterThePony

Visually stunning, this artwork is some of the best I've seen from you yet. The toning to the coat is superb, adding an entirely new realm of depth to the artwork in general and complimenting his pose. While the image itself lacks originality, the impact is strong, giving an almost perfect idea of Arkus' physical form.
While most would consider it an insane gamble enlarging a pegasi's wings, the outcome is successful and appealing here, indicating a powerful physique that is expertly etched into the paper by your pens and pencils.
The scarf has turned out beautifully, with every miniscule notch and indent sketched lovingly into the frame; it's obvious a lot of care has gone into this artwork.
For improvement, try to be a little more original; rather than simply specialising in character poses on matte white backgrounds, attempt a scenic image; one or two characters in an environment, with or without overlapping objects to increase the aesthetic appeal.
All in all, a fine, well-crafted piece of work. I look forward to seeing your future art pieces.

- Arkus Eon
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